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Water Jet Cutting
by Aqua Jet, LLC

Water Jets in Action
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Aqua Jet, LLC Cutting Services specializes in providing quality part production at competitive rates. The versatility of our state of the art water jet cutting machines is apparent in the wide variety of materials in which they can cut. Water jets can cut virtually all materials due to the lack of heat-affected zones during the machining process. They also eliminate the need for secondary finishing operations because they cause no heat or mechanical stress deformation to the part.

Our commitment to quality and service is backed by our extensive knowledge of the water jet cutting process. We have experience working with clients in many industries including metal fabrication, architectural, aerospace, medical, government, sign and display.

  Water Jet Cutting Specifications

 Water Jet Axis  2D Axis
 Pressure  60,000 psi
 Work Envelope  Not to exceed 72" x 144"
 Maximum Material Thickness  • Up to 4" for metals and rigid materials
 • Up to 6" for flexible and foam materials
 Kerf Width  0.035"
Material and size dependent
 Up to ± 0.005"
 Positioning, Accuracy and Repeatability  Up to ± 0.003"

 Can cut virtually any material including:
 • All Steels
 • Aluminum
 • Flexible Silicone
 • Glass
 • Granite
 • Marble
 • Molybdenum
 • Rubber
 • Stone
 • Tile
 • Titanium

Water Jet Cutting Technology and Advantages

 Technology Water jet cutting machines force a high velocity water stream containing abrasives through a jeweled orifice. This action leads to an extremely high pressure (60,000 psi) fine jet of water which can cut virtually any material. This combination of water pressure, abrasives, and high velocity erode the workpiece creating the cut.

Water jet cutting maintains tolerances that are comparable to laser cutting. It is faster than EDM machining (electrical discharge machining) with lower capital and operating costs. Among its many benefits, water jet cutting is environmentally advantageous.

• Low cost
• No hazardous gases or liquids provide a safe working environment
• No heat affected zone nearly eliminates the need for secondary finishing operations
• Narrow kerf
• High precision allows for intricate cuts
• Quantities range from a single piece to high production
• No tooling changes
• Fast set-up

Industries Served by Aqua Jet, LLC's Water Jet

  • Aerospace 
  • Architectural 
  • Gaskets 
  • Government 
  • Machine Shops 
  • Medical 
  • Metal Fabricators 
  • Research & Design for Labs and Universities 
  • Sign Shops 
  • Specialized Packaging 
  • Stone Cutting 

Preferred Drawing Submission

  • AutoCAD
  • Solid Works

Certifications and Quality Assurance

  • Flow Certified Waterjet Shop
  • An ISO 9001:2000 Compliant Company

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