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Aqua Jet, LLC Presents...
Water Jet Cutting Demonstrations

While many find it hard to believe, with enough pressure, water can act as an extremely effective cutting tool. Below we have some videos which set out to demonstrate the Water Jet and Laser Cutting equipment used here at Aqua Jet, LLC.

This type of CNC equipment allows for the cutting of extremely intricate designs. (see our Showcase)

Aqua Jet, LLC, based in Salem, Oregon & Livermore, California, is happy to provide a Free Quote for your next cutting project. Contact us by phone at 800.538.2260, or feel free to use our Free Online Quote Request for fast action.

Water Cutting Titanium  Demo # 1 - Water Jet - Cutting Through Titanium

Water Cutting Titanium  Demo # 2 - Dynamic Water Jet System by Flow®

Water Cutting Titanium       COMING SOON

Water Cutting Titanium       COMING SOON


'What Would You Like to See Cut With a Water Jet?'

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